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Zemanta and Blogger... what a combination

I have been blogging on my WordPress site for some time and using Zemanta on it for a while. What a joy it is to find that it is available on my Blogger blog as well.

It's hands down the best tool to get help in a blog and add value to your blog - well quoted and giving proper credit to the elements, images and text you use. I can recommend this.

If you know of any draw backs to using Zemanta then please leave a comment on this blog...

I'm using Chrome for my blogging and some offline software as well, but I can recommend the plugins,  both in Chrome and in Firefox.

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Snow, in Sandton

It’s snowing.

Yeah I know. For most people it’s no big deal. But I live in Africa. Snow is for the mountains and the high altitudes. Not Johannesburg! It’s becoming a regular occurrence that we might soon have to start buying snow boots, and ski’s. No longer will these be for the affluent few who can go to the mountains to see snow and ski, but for the everyday Jo’burger to get to and from work. 20120807_120931.mp4

Calitzdorp - Smoking Pipe

Today I had some time on my hands, and decided to check in on this website. I've bought a Afrika wood pipe from EbenHarts in 2008 and still smoke it. It's a heavy pipe. Solid in the hand. Not one you want to clamp down on though. Unless you like spending time in the dentist chair.

It's with great joy and a little grump (hate the exchange rate) that I looked over the pipes on the site again. There are some seriously beautiful pipes here. Some, in fact, I don't think you'd want to smoke.

I hope to soon see sold on all these pipes and a new batch of remarkable creations to sit and drool over.

Sterkte met die pyp maak en ek hoop:  'hulle verkoop so lekker, want hulle rook so lekker.'


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